What is homelessness

The classic definition of homelessness refers to a lack of one or more of the following three basic amenities:

1.An adequate dwelling place: security, personal safety, protection from the elements, private sleeping arrangements, facilities for cooking meals

2.Security of tenure in the dwelling place: not subject to eviction without notice

3.Access to spaces for social relationships: places to invite friends to sit and talk


Carrington Cottages Management Incorporated aims to counter this situation by providing a transitional moment in which men can escape from the cycle of homelessness by providing a safe and secure environment from which they can launch into more permanent housing.


Types of homelessness:



The Australian Bureau of Statistics uses the Chamberlain and MacKenzie (2008) model of homelessness that makes Carrington Cottages Management Incorporated’s role in reducing homelessness clear.

•Tertiary homelessness: people living in single rooms in private boarding houses without their own bathroom, kitchen or security of tenure;

•Secondary homelessness: people moving between various forms of temporary shelter including friends, emergency accommodation, youth refuges, hostels and boarding houses;

•Primary homelessness: people without conventional accommodation (living in the streets, in deserted buildings, improvised dwellings, under bridges, in parks, etc.)


CCMI ensure the availability of more rooms to increase Tertiary homeless so as to reduce the number of actively homeless and to reduce significantly the numbers returning to the inflow of the active homeless from the permanent

housing sector.


Carrington Cottages Management Incorporated ensures the availability of more rooms designed to increase Tertiary homeless,  reducing the number of actively homeless, whilst reducing significantly the numbers returning to the influx of the active homeless from the permanent housing sector.

We believe that everyone should have a safe and secure place to call “home”

At Carrington Cottages we provide the following services for the benefit, comfort and wellbeing of our residents:


We provide safe, comfortable and affordable accomodation. 

Safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation 


Practical support for residents


Coordination of food donations


Organisation of social activities


Transport to medical and welfare appointments


A listening ear and referral to professional services for tenants with issues