What is “homelessness”?

The classic definition of homelessness refers to a lack of one or more of the following three basic amenities:

  1. An adequate dwelling place: security, personal safety, protection from the elements, private sleeping arrangements, facilities for cooking meals
  2. Security of tenure in the dwelling place: not subject to eviction without notice
  3. Access to spaces for social relationships: places to invite friends to sit and talk

We believe that everyone should have a safe and secure place to call “home”

At Carrington Cottages we provide the following services for the benefit, comfort and wellbeing of our residents:


We provide safe, comfortable and affordable accomodation. 

Safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation 


Practical support for residents


Coordination of food donations


Organisation of social activities


Transport to medical and welfare appointments


A listening ear and referral to professional services for tenants with issues