Strategic Plan 2015-2017

Our Vision

To be a leading contributor in Adelaide in the provision of accommodation for men on low incomes.

Our Mission

  • To provide medium-term affordable, safe, secure and comfortable rooming house accommodation on a not-for-profit basis for men on low incomes.
  • To provide residents with appropriate information on relevant health, social welfare and legal services in the Adelaide metropolitan area.
  • To make representations and submissions to other agencies, where appropriate, to support residents’ needs for information and services.
  • To advocate in general for measures, policies and programs that will better address the various needs of people who rely on low-cost housing, and also create useful linkages between residents and the wider community.
  • To enter into contracts, agreements and understandings with other agencies or with individuals to provide or undertake services that will support and benefit residents.

Strategic Priority 1:

Provide affordable, safe and comfortable accommodation

Major implementation strategies:

  • Maintain active liaison with Housing SA
  • Develop, gain funding for, and implement a rolling plan for Housing SA upgrades, repairs, maintenance
  • Ensure residents have maximum Centrelink support, as appropriate
  • Raise funds to improve general CC resident amenities
  • Ensure compliance with regular statutory requirements and inspections (SA Government; Adelaide City Council; Housing SA; SA Metropolitan Fire Service)
  • Regularly review and revise tenant records, Tenants Handbook, Policies and Procedures Handbook

Strategic Priority 2: 

Develop appropriate links to support residents

Major implementation strategies:

  • Improve interagency liaison
  • Instigate and support social welfare, health and other linkages for residents, as appropriate
  • Develop submissions and interventions on homelessness/ accommodation issues, as appropriate
  • Foster links with the broader community and encourage opportunities for gainful employment
  • Build and maintain proactive relationships with other accommodation and service providers in the sector
  • Seek sponsorship for facilities upgrades, tenant services

Strategic Priority 3:

Ensure best practice in governance and management

Major implementation strategies:

  • Develop a Board Charter
  • Engage the Board in the regular review and development of CCMI policies
  • Extend and consolidate CCMI membership
  • Devise a Board member succession plan
  • Create an efficient and productive working environment for employees and volunteers
  • Report on organisational outcomes in a formal, transparent and timely manner
  • Embrace new technologies as a means of achieving organisational outcomes
  • Maintain an active engagement with community opinion leaders regarding homelessness issues
  • Develop a five-year financial plan