Why we need transitional housing

  • The prevailing principle within the homelessness support community is ‘Housing First’. Essentially this means first providing a rough sleeper with a permanent home and then providing support to ensure that they sustain the tenancy. People who fail in one tenancy should be provided with another.

  • For many rough sleepers this works well as long as sustained, intensive support is provided to help sustain the tenancies. However, people with more complex issues can fall into a cycle of failure and drop back into homelessness again and again.

  • For those rough sleepers, a period of transitional housing, such as that provided by Carrington Cottages, can provide the wrap around support they need to become successful in a tenancy in the community.”

  • After a period in transitional housing (three months to a year) our residents have the confidence, are emotionally ready and have demonstrated their ability to maintain a tenancy with us.

  • Whilst they are residents with us, people can be easily contacted by their Social Workers and other associated agencies who are always welcome to visit; they have the support of a community who have lived experience. Our staff and volunteers work with residents to assist with the provision of support to assist residents as they prepare to take on a tenancy.

  • Together with our resident’s Social Workers we advocate for them with Community Housing Providers and South Australian Housing Authority as prospective tenants. Housing providers speak highly of our program as very few of residents fail to maintain their tenancies, having been able to break their cycle of homelessness.

Case Study 1

A rough sleeper with a 20 year heroin addiction was recommended to us by the Brian Burdekin Clinic. He successfully engaged in an addiction withdrawal program. We advocated for him to be offered a Community Housing property and he is now in a serious relationship and looking forward to a prosperous future. He still keeps in contact with us.

Case Study 2

A woman fleeing domestic violence was provided with accommodation at our Waymouth Street property, where she found she was 4 months pregnant. During her time with us she was able to kick her drug addiction. Together with her Social Workers and South Australian Housing Authority she was able to gain a 3 bedroom property where she was able to reunite with her other 3 children.