Opportunity Knocks
Opportunity Knocks

Welcome to Carrington Cottages

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We provide the bridge between rough sleeping and a home of their own for around a hundred homeless people every year, by providing safe secure transitional housing where people can address the problems that made homeless in the first place and move on to a place of their own.

“After sleeping in my car and wondering where my next meal was coming from, Carrington Cottages offered my a room. Three years later I have my own house, a job, and can’t thank The Cottages enough.”

– name withheld

Our Purpose

Bob Warner

Carrington Cottages is a registered not-for-profit association that provides eighty rooms for men and women who have been rough sleeping in Adelaide. We believe that everyone has a right to a home of their own, but that some people need safe, secure transitional housing to live in while they work with support services to deal with the issues that made them homeless.

Our residents stay with us for three months to a year. We say to all new residents that our ambition is to find them a place of their own, where they can live fully independently, and that we expect them to work with us and our partners to make that happen.

They are supported by social workers from Hutt Street, Street-to Home and BaptistCare. Other specialist agencies provide advice and support on drug and alcohol, mental health, employment etc.

After a period living with us our tenants have a proven track record of paying rent, have demonstrated that they can live harmoniously with others and are ready to take on a place of their own. We provide them with furniture to equip their new home and we, and our social work partners, work with them to help them settle in. As a result their failure rate in the new home is very low, which encourages long term housing providers to offer properties to our residents.

We can equip a new home with second hand furniture for around $3000. With so many residents moving on. This is a major cost for us and so any support that you can give will be used to equip a new home for someone who has recently been sleeping on the street.

We believe that everyone should have a safe and secure place to call "home".

Safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation

Practical support for residents

Coordination of food donations

Organisation of social activities

Transport to medical and welfare appointments

A listening ear and referral to professional services for tenants with issues

Giving & Donations

Partner with us to see homelessness eradicated in our city

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Get stuck into a caring community and meaningful friendships